13 benefits of Digital Marketing for Kent Businesses

Digital marketing is a great tool for businesses of all sizes as it opens up a local business to the possibility of a global audience. In the below article we will explain what digital marketing is, the benefits of digital marketing, how it can be implemented and finally how Blue Orbit Media can help your business’s digital marketing plan succeed.

What is Digital Marketing?

In basic terms, it is simply about how businesses use the digital world (the internet) to advertise their business, products and services. At a top level, digital marketing involves traditional forms of marketing, but it uses an electronic device or the internet to deliver the messages. An organisation can utilise digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps to promote their business.

Types of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is the key driver to how successful your business will be in the online world. Providing information that is relevant and of value to the reader or viewer is key.

Digital content can take many forms such as an article on your website, product specifications, a digital advertisement, to name a few. It is also an important factor for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO.) The greater the content and the perceived quality, the more likely your business will appear on the first page of search engine listings.

No one likes to be sold to constantly by businesses. Therefore, employing digital marketing that is content driven, gives your business something of value to offer customers in emails and paid search ads. Providing relevant content to readers and viewers will likely result in your business being seen as a valuable source and keep them coming back.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to utilising platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are increasingly popular. In the UK alone, Facebook has 39 million active monthly users and by 2020 this is forecasted to increase further to 42 million. That’s 39% of the UK’s 66 million population. This provides a massive prospective audience for your businesses digital advertising.

Creating engaging content will result in your audience wanting to see more. It will likely result in greater ‘shares’, meaning even more exposure for your business. Ultimately this will lead to them becoming a customer with the added bonus they will influence their friends to be customers too.

Paid Searches

Paid or pay-per-click advertising is where a business spends money to come out on top of search engine results (Google/Bing) when someone types in a keyword. For example, this could be employed by a building company so that their website is listed top of results when a search is conducted in a local town like Canterbury. Being on page one is likely to drive more clicks to the business’s website and therefore more chance of incremental sales.

The business will only pay when the ad is clicked. This can be an effective form of advertising as it is targeted at specific demographics and search terms. Not only this, but it can be beneficial to newly formed businesses who are aiming for rapid exposure. Pay-per-click is flexible and likely to reduce wasted exposure by being relevant to the person or business searching.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines are utilised by internet users to find relevant content. Examples being Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the practice of optimising your websites’ content, technical set-up and maximising its’ reach.

The end goal is for your website to rank at the top of search engine results when specific keywords are entered. This will then lead to greater website traffic and a higher probability of increasing sales. Researchers found that page one captures 71% of all searches. This means that if your business is not on page one of a search engine, it is doubtful it will even be viewed.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing but is still very important and if designed in the correct way can be a very effective tool.

Email marketing is still very popular if the content is relevant to the reader. We bet that you have checked your emails today?

Email marketing is direct, flexible and one of the fastest ways to communicate with customers. A successful email marketing campaign must be engaging, relevant and informative.

13 benefits of Digital Marketing for Kent Businesses


Worldwide Reach

Whether you utilise your own website or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, digital marketing allows a business to access customers and consumers from around the globe. Can you imagine the cost of reaching a global audience 30 years ago via newspapers, radio or television!


Cheaper advertising

Traditional forms of advertising such as press, radio and TV were relatively expensive. Digital marketing can be free! You could simply create business pages on social media platforms and start posting.

However, we strongly recommend professional businesses employ a strategic and branded approach in order to give your company the best chance of success. An unprofessional looking post could do more harm than good.


Targeted advertising

Digital marketing can be targeted far more accurately than traditional forms of advertising, such as the local press. Using digital platforms enables businesses to target consumers that are more likely to be interested in the products and services that you offer.

A real benefit versus local newspaper advertising is that the amount of ‘wastage’ is reduced– people who will not be interested in your product.


Easy to measure

Digital campaigns can easily be reviewed for effectiveness and measure Return On Investment (ROI). Employing analytical tools means that a business can track the number of views, number of website visitors, number of purchases and much more.


Quick Results

Traditional forms of marketing can take weeks or months to create, publish and see tangible results. With digital marketing campaigns, content can be created quickly, published instantly and results analysed from the moment the advert is live.


Increase brand awareness with digital marketing

Having an online presence can increase your companies brand awareness. As already discussed, putting your business online opens your prospective customer base to 4.2 billion active internet users!

This can be achieved by implementing a professional website, social media pages and business directory listings.


Increase competitive advantage with digital marketing

38% of UK businesses do not have a website, which means that they are even less likely to advertise online. This can be a competitive advantage for Kent businesses who employ online advertising campaigns as their reach will be greater than that of their competitors.


Compete with the ‘Big Businesses’

As well as offering the opportunity of competitive advantage against those businesses who do not have an online presence, it can help you compete against those that do.

Moreover, it can help you compete with large corporations whom in the past would have been able to ‘outspend’ many small businesses advertising budget. The internet gives smaller businesses a level playing field.


Increase sales with digital marketing

Digital marketing can aid in a business’ objective to increase revenues. Research has shown that a digital advertisement can lead to as much as 24% increase in conversion rates.


Multi-platform and user-friendly

Laptops, smartphones and tablets can all be used to view digital marketing advertising campaigns. This means that they are easily accessible to 90% of the UK population who are regular internet users. Your digital adverts will be able to be viewed by anyone who has an internet, 3G or WIFI connection!

One of the key benefits of digital marketing is that it connects you to the mobile consumer. This is a large market and now generates up to 34% of all organic traffic.


Give your business personality

As humans, we are not very good at interacting with robots and faceless entities. Digital marketing helps eliminate this barrier by giving your business a ‘personality’ and a ‘face’ for consumers to engage with, which is preferred by customers.


Show viewers that your business is modern

Digital marketing is seen as a modern way of promoting businesses, products and services. Your customers will appreciate a business who are keeping up-to-date with technology as it shows them the business is still relevant and likely to be around for the long-term.


Digital marketing creates positive engagement

With traditional forms of marketing, your audience cannot interact with the messages you publish.  Online marketing creates the possibility for consumers to interact with your business in real time and you will be able to see the results. Consumers can chat on your posts, discuss and ask questions about your brand instantly. This gives you the opportunity to respond very quickly.

Blue Orbit can help Kent businesses create Digital Marketing Campaigns

Blue Orbit Media can help Kent businesses take advantage of the digital marketing opportunity. Having an online presence is essential, but we go further, by developing digital marketing campaigns, aimed at driving traffic, engagement and sales for your business.

We have worked with many Kent businesses to promote their business, services and products. Our services include

Social Media Marketing

Creating a coherent and branded social media marketing campaign can increase your brand awareness and drive incremental sales. Blue Orbit can create content, publish in a timed manner and provide analysis on the success of the campaign.

Content Marketing

Content is king and we can help your business to create engaging and informative communications. Content marketing is an approach focused on creating and publishing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a visitor’s attention.

Paid Search

Do you want to rank on the first page of searches quickly? Blue Orbit Media can create and manage your pay-per-click campaign. Our packages are bespoke and guaranteed to get your business an audience fast.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All of our websites are built with SEO in mind, so if you want your business’s website to have the best chance of ranking on the first page of search engines, like Google and Bing, then contact us today. Whether you want a newly designed site or optimise your current site, we can help.

Email Marketing

We can create engaging, informative email strategies that will deliver your business’s message directly to your existing customers.


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We offer a professional service, which has a proven track record of driving website clicks, sales lead generation and increasing sales revenues.

Contact us today to take the next step in marketing your business.

It depends on what your business is trying to achieve and the relative budget, but our price guide below offers value for all.

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